GWW works with medical device manufacturers to construct a range of carry cases that protect sensitive medical equipment from extreme weather and abrasion. We manufacture custom as well as standard line of medical cases for protecting sphygmomanometer & stethoscope kits, sinus scopes, bone sonometers, and first responder cases. Compact and lightweight carry cases suited for storing and transporting emergency medical supplies are also offered. These medical carrying cases feature various detachable pouches for accommodating emergency medical supplies such as oxygen facemasks, eye pads, burn dressings, stethoscopes, and cervical collars.

GWW's patented Ameritage® Humidity Control System enables medical personnel to preserve their medical equipment by monitoring and regulating the humidity level within their case. Case interiors of our medical cases are fitted with molded plastic or polyurethane foam inserts for safely enveloping medical equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Interiors linings made from cleanable vinyls, microfibers or nylon add to the safety of the medical equipment. We manufacture the exteriors of medical cases from durable materials such as Dupont Cordura®, vinyl, and polyester.