GWW International Staff


Owned facility in Costa Rica -
GWW GROUP owns and operates its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country rich in textile, leather and wood artisans who bring their unique blend of skills to carrying case construction. As part of the Caribbean Free Basin Initiative, Costa Rica enjoys duty free import and export - keeping the cost of your products down.



Owners of GWW Group  

Based Domestically -
GWW GROUP corporate headquarters in the United States is tied directly into the systems of the Costa Rican operation, making real-time scheduling and production information available at a moment's notice. We also have bi-lingual support in Spanish and English to support a larger customer base.

Localized logistics and distribution centers in US  

Localized logistics and distribution centers in US -
GWW GROUP over the years has had various distribution centers around the U.S., reducing shipping time and costs for our customers

Inventory Management / Inventory control / warehousing capabilitiesf  

Inventory Management / Inventory control / warehousing capabilities -
When GWW GROUP takes an order, the not only ship it to the nearest warehouse for distribution, but have the capability to release orders in much smaller quantities and at specific times as well, keeping your overhead down at your own facility.

Green Products  

Green Products-
GWW GROUP starts with making a hard-shell case with wood taken from sustainable forests (meaning for every tree cut down, 5 are planted) and using water-based glue that contain no solvents, dyes, and recycles everything. GWW GROUP is always looking for ways to better the environment and the people around them by not using harmful products in manufacturing.