Manufacturing custom cases for products as well as equipment ranging from medical devices and musical instruments to electronic devices is not a problem for us. Depending on your protective needs, our design and engineering team will create rapid product samples. Parameters such as product dimensions, weight, accessory requirements, space limitations, and other special requirements are taken into consideration during the design of custom cases.

Through a vast network of global resources, GWW selects the right material for your protective cases. We have extensive experience in creating custom cases for laptops, video cameras, sensitive medial equipment, sports gear, and different types of musical instruments. Case interiors are carefully designed to envelop and protect products of all shapes and sizes. As protective features, case interiors can be constructed with poly-density inserts, molded plastic inserts, or convoluted foams, in addition to nylon, vinyl, velour, or leather linings.

Our hard sided, soft-sided, or molded cases are designed to meet the protection requirements of your specific products. GWW manufactures custom cases with durable exteriors using materials such as Dupont Cordura ®, polyester, vinyl, polystyrene, or leather. We also manufacture protective cases with stylish as well as functional features such as zippers, shoulder straps, exterior pockets, and soft padding.