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09:00 AM
Ameritage Carrying Cases Vs. Musicians Car
Lina Hayek, a musician in Bellflower, California had quite the experience three weeks ago. When she was in a hurry and on her way to lead worship at her church in Bellflower she left her precious McPherson Guitar behind her car.  Forgetting to put her guitar in the car when she was changing her shoes she quickly hopped in the car and backed up.  
We all can understand the feeling when we hit something and cringe.  That immediate shock of wondering what we had done comes over us.  As Lina realized that it was her guitar she began to chant Oh no Oh no Oh no. The guitar was dragged and the pavement created a rip in the guitar case.  The tire rolled over the guitar leaving a tread mark on the case.  She put the car in park and ran to her baby.  The McPherson Guitar was unscathed and the Ameritage Carrying Case had very minor damage to the exterior considering it just battled a midsize SUV. 
The chant went from Oh No, Oh No, Oh No to Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes.  Ameritage Carrying Cases saved her day by protecting her guitar.  Lina was one happy customer. 
Posted By steve flynn

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